Samantha Foster is the founder of Mountain States Spirits.  For many years, Samantha was a commercial lender with a focus on smaller production wine, craft spirits and artisan food companies in the Bay Area.  In addition, as a brand advocate for small, independent ultra-premium craft spirits, she's naturally networked many of them to friends & colleagues over the years.  After her recent move to Boise, it was clear that it was time to take her passion to the next level.  

"Launching Mountain States Spirits allows me to personally, on a one-on-one basis, present these ultra-premium craft spirits to your bar and restaurant in Boise and beyond!  While many of these spirits have been available in the market for years, due to their size, they weren’t consistently presented to markets outside San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. My aim is to change that and will only be working with brands that appeal to the most discerning cocktail mixologists, bar and restaurant owners, starting with Square One Organic Spirits."

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