Founded in 2006 by spirits industry veteran, Allison Evanow, this ultra-premium portfolio of spirits are made in Rigby, Idaho, using 100% certified organic American Rye sourced from Idaho and Montana and water from the Snake River aquifer located at the distillery. The clean and appealing taste is a result of a 4-column distillation process with no charcoal filtration, only paper micron filter. With the goal of bringing respect back to the vodka category, Square One focuses on the highest quality of real and organic ingredients and more sophisticated (almost gin-like) flavor profiles. Each botanical is individually micro-distilled in a vacuum pressure still producing a concentrated essence that is blended into the proofed vodka. Using a multi-layered botanical approach results in a portfolio of spirits that appeals to the most discerning consumers, mixologists and bartenders alike. Square One has received numerous awards of the past 12 years, including a 94 pt rating by DrinkMe magazine for its Bergamot vodka. 



Additional brands are in the works!


Founded in 2005 by Davorin Kutchan, a 3rd generation master distiller and wine maker, Old World Spirits ("OWS") calls upon its Croatian roots to create a portfolio of ultra-premium spirits. Using Kuchan-designed and German-manufactured superior distillation equipment, OWS makes world class, small batch craft spirits. The OWS Blade Gin redefines the ultra-premium gin category in creating a California style gin, inspired by the beaches of Santa Cruz. Blade Gin is made from local California Citrus from Kutchan's Morgan Hill vineyard, home grown ginger and cilantro, the finest California and Italian Blue Juniper as well as granite filtered water from the Yosemite Toulomne River. It is crisp, rich and full bodied, truly balanced in the symphony of flavors, not allowing any one note to scream out.  OWS pioneered barrel aging of Rusty Blade™ Gin in 2005 before the aged-gin category was even recognized (not Genever).  The same Blade Gin is aged in French Oak barrels for four years allowing it to produce a unique brown spirit unlike anything on the market today. Old World Spirits Distillery has received numerous awards over the past several years, recently receiving two Gold medals for Blade Gin and Rusty Blade Gin at the 2019 World Gin Awards Competition held on January 10, 2019 in London.

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